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Ducks a l'orange

Exclusive Supper Theatre

Ducks a l'orange is the Flying Ducks' exclusive comedy dinner-theatre company. A candlelit meal at a local restaurant or hotel, served up with delicious extracts from one of Britain's most popular comedy playwrights, David Tristram.

This is David Tristram's own adaptation of his play The Secret Lives of Henry & Alice, for dinner theatre. Henry & Alice provide the perfect accompaniment to a candlelit meal, for couples or private parties, with their hilarious revelations on married life.

Henry & I will entertain after the main course and then again when the sweet course and coffee has been served. These performances do not require any audience participation, apart from their attention and their laughter, hopefully in the right places!

It is as if the room becomes an intimate theatre, with every guest having the best seat in the house, as upon the stage: the secret lives of Henry & Alice come under the spotlight.

Ducks a l'orange provide both the lighting and sound systems, which are installed prior to the guests' arrival. We also provide a full marketing pack - printed tickets, posters, menus and publicity flyers, together with an online and telephone booking service if needed.

If you have a room suitable to seat between 40 - 100 diners and you would like to know more about the secret lives of Henry & Alice, then please contact us.

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